Song of the Ages

Cleaning house

So there, now you’re caught up on what else happened in that tomb. So, we spent some time resting down there before we came back, during which I think Fulgen finally started realizing that we weren’t just figments of his imagination. I do feel for him, you know? The man’s an illusionist that takes pride in weaving stories. I imagine that he was weaving stories upon stories for himself while he was trapped down there and was having a hard time pulling his mind out of what must have seemed to him as a story.

We returned home with Belfran’s magic only to find the place different from before. Some of the changes were bad- after all, seems like the lich’s cult had attacked the fort again in our absence and the guard was feeling even more on edge than before. But some was good. Buildings are going up outside of the walls and it seems like this place might actually become a town at some point. At least, everyone seems to think that’s a good thing. Just as long as no one goes around calling me lord, we’ll get along well enough.

So, the guard captain had some magic that let us talk with Sanders, our dearly departed traitor. Granted, we didn’t go out of our way to make him feel at home here, so I shouldn’t be too surprised that he turned on us like that. Mama Broarhush has a saying I heard once, ‘Any child hated by the village will gladly burn it all for warmth’. I don’t know if it’s an orcish saying or something else, but you get the idea. We brought him here, but mostly spent our time avoiding him or berating him due to his interest in necromancy. Mind you, I’m not sure why we brought him here in the first place, but once he was here, we could have done more.

Turns out his soul, or whatever we were talking to, is just as cheeky in death as he was in life. Only he wasn’t afraid of us now. No threats could encourage him to help us, but he did seem to have a fascination with Yoon and finally gave her the lich’s location to try to get her to consider joining it. I hoped Sanders is the last traitor we have to deal with, but it’s Yoon, right? She wouldn’t stab us in the back… silt… she just might. But now that we know where the lich is rebuilding- some ruined city in the north- now we have to figure out what to do about it. Do we march up there and storm the place or try to get the last book that the lich seems so intent on collecting before he does?


iellswo akhdar

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