Song of the Ages

Fire and Ice


Fulgen is alive. He’s not all here yet, but I suppose being trapped behind a mirror for months will do that to you.

We got through the caverns, but at the end, there was a skeletal beholder. I accidentally tripped something and we fell down into a deeper part of these caves, but that deeper part had a monster.

I don’t like beholders. I don’t like skeletal ones, either. I guess that’s what happens when a beholder tries to become a lich, though.

We made it through. A little (a lot) scratched, bruised, bleeding, but we made it. We found ourselves in a room with magical weapons, and I found an ice rapier. Firenze can have a friend. There were some other items, but where I wanted to ask Yaavys and Haqorel if there was anything they wanted, everything was claimed. Haqorel has her staff, but I think I’ll give Yaavys the Nine Lives Stealer until we can get back to the Keep. And if we convince her to come with us again, maybe that’ll help keep her a little more safe.

I don’t want to be responsible for someone dying. Plus, I like Yaavys.

I guess it’s time to go home. I’m going to ignore Almahen threatening us. (Yea, there was a note. Let’s not talk about it.)


iellswo writergirl106

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