Song of the Ages

Rip van Wizards


Rip van Wizards

Is there something about wizards that makes them more likely to be frozen in time? We de-petrified the professor on purpose. That turned out to be a good thing. He was a useful companion while we were traversing the vault. We released the lich on accident. So far, nothing bad has happened. I can’t imagine it turns out wonderfully though.

In any case, it’s another job done. We got the girl the sword and earned a black coin. The loot from the venture is nice, but we really need to turn the black coin into something more valuable. Like a bunch of regular coins.

Accessories and Costumes

I’ve been thinking a little about how I appear. Dressing well while being unarmed might become a problem. Then I found this fun new staff. I’m no longer unarmed, but when I wear the staff with the suit I just look like an old man who needs a walking stick. If I wear robes while carrying the staff, then I look more like a wizard. Also, I don’t look like I’m carrying a bunch of money. I’m hoping people will assume my bag is full of reagents and books and wizard stuff. Rather than money and books and business stuff.


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