Song of the Ages

So many people want to live in Sotherland


I’m worried about this issue with the Lighthand. They are important allies and clients of the Black Foxes and we can’t afford to antagonize them. Since Anya specifically asked for our help, we can’t afford not to help them.

On the other hand, we don’t really want them to move into Sotherland. Sotherland has enough paramilitary organizations.

Lucky for us, most of the Lighthand’s best selling points also make them a threat to Sotherland’s sovereignty. They have a strong moral compass. They are unaligned with any nationality. They’ve had a stabilizing influence on Hamil. I hope the Grand Marshal sees how they will never be loyal subjects and an idle neutral army inside the borders is a serious liability.

And we have to send that girl as the only representative of the Black Foxes interests. I hope she’s up to it.


iellswo bluewales

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