Song of the Ages

So there I was, jumping into a street brawl...


So where was I? Ah, right. The Blackhull Isles. I’d come to see what civilization would be like without kings and mayors. Spent a few weeks there, bloodied a few cut-purses and tried some of the local drink (not bad stuff, actually, just not like the ale from back home). But you know what? It was about the same as everywhere else. Ya, you didn’t have guardsmen stomping around and telling you what to do just because they have a lord backing them up, but you just traded that in for thugs doing the same on threat of violence. Still the same old story of the strong eating the weak. Perhaps that’s really what we’re all like, no matter where you go…

Sorry, needed to think and take a swig. So I was liking the local drink, but not so impressed by the people there. I was out wandering and saw a group of people being attacked by a group of thieves in broad daylight, and that just set my blood to boiling. I mean, I don’t care about if that was just how things worked here, it just felt wrong. If you’re going to rob someone, the least you could do is not insult them by doing it to their face. If you’re doing it like that, you’re obviously strong enough to not have to rely on robbing to get your bread, so why rob in the first place?

Huh, you’re right, they probably weren’t robbers after all.

Anyways, I jumped in… well, me and another guy, and we managed to drive off the thugs, though one or two of them had to be put down before they ran. The fight was quick though… not long enough by far and all it did was get my blood up. I needed more, and luckily this group seemed to draw trouble. I followed along hoping they’d get jumped again, but by the time they’d gotten a boat of the island, no one had dared. By then though they’d told me enough about themselves for me to keep up with them, they’d get into trouble soon enough, wherever they went.

Turns out they were going to one of the other islands and there… there… huh, I can’t quite remember some of the details. I know that we found some old temple and whenever someone went in, those outside would have to fight a drider. That part was good, since I think that happened twice… but what was it they were going in for again? A bargain? Sounds like a bad deal in the first place… yeah, you said it.


iellswo akhdar

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