Song of the Ages

The Birth of Knee Cracker


As we approached the keep, I stood back and watched as the others struggled with the password. But, of course, we were unable to convince the guards we were part of the bandit crew.

While we were battling inside, we managed to wake the fire giant, and in his rage he managed to fell Mosi, however, that was when Sir Evans’ power woke within me and I managed to bring him back from the gates of death. After healing him to stability, I turned towards the giant and, with my magical mace, I swung it towards the giant’s knees. The giant roared out in agony as I smashed his knee into pieces and he tumbled backward, hitting his head on the ground and leaving him dead.

The name of my mace then came to me: Knee Cracker.

I could feel its pleasure at its name flowing through me. I believe Knee Cracker and I will have many more battles to come, serving our master, Lord Evans.


iellswo christinelubean

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