Song of the Ages

The Oath Bow


Finding the Lich’s lair was not much trouble. Our new partner, Haqorel, who happens to be a goliath, mentioned a place her kind never venture, an area on the frozen tundra they dare not go. We figured that we should head there. Together, she and I managed to lead the party safely there, even though we only possessed a vague knowledge of where to go.
The entrance wasn’t hard to spot, a giant skull carved out of stone in the side of a hill. Never seen a clearer X marks the spot in my life.
Inside there were puzzles to solve, and we found what someone that Wyllo and Yoon seem to know, a mad man named Fulgen.
But then, he’s apparently been in there for months with only his illusions and delusions as company, I figure just about anyone would be crazy after that.
Anyways, Wyllo and Belfran did most of the brainwork in solving the various puzzles in the dungeon.
Unfortunately the lich’s soul thing wasn’t there. I guess Mr. Lich has been spying on us during our dungeon crawl because he left us a note, which we found among some goodies.
Everyone got weapon from this quest. Yoon has some black magic blades, Wyllo got another rapier. She’s fond of those. Mosi, Fulgen and Belfran also got some shinies, but I’m not sure who got what.
Myself, I got a long sword. I’m not super handy with those, but I’m sorely in need of a magical weapon. I’ve been vulnerable without one considering the foul creatures we’ve been fighting. It doesn’t do anything, it just glows.
We found some special dragon arrows, for dragon slaying. I kept those too, seeing as I’m the most handy person in our party with ranged weapons.
And lastly, a bow.
An Oath Bow.
I’ve only seen one of these in my life, and before now have never laid hands on one. But one of my favorite characters from childhood stories had one, a character from The Folly of Llamryl.
It’s a bow of elven make, and despite my strong dislike for my people, and my culture, I can’t help but be drawn to this weapon. I’ve been running from my kind for so long, and even after coming face to face with my father again, I continue to reject them.
Perhaps it’s time for me to grow up. I’m not a child anymore, and I really need to stop acting like one. My kind are cold, and calculating. The politics in the elven world has poisoned my outlook on my entire species for so long. It’s time I look past it.
I will never again dwell in Celeria, but I can’t be a human, no matter how hard I try.


iellswo Shadowofdreams

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