Fulgen's Half-Sister


Half-Elf Monk, Acolyte of the Church of Kurshid

15 Strength
17 Dexterity
16 Constitution
9 Intelligence
17 Wisdom
15 Charisma


Anya was born to a human mother and an elven father. Her father was a visiting elven noble from Celeria, and he was gone before she was born and she never knew him. At the time she was born her mother was married to a respected merchant in Two of Clubs, and it was impossible to hide the fact she carried the blood of an elf.

When she was young, she lived in a small cottage in the forest with her mother and brother. Her step-father was usually very busy, and didn’t want his wife’s infidelity to be widely known. When she was about 9 years old, her step-father sent her away to be an acolyte in a monastery in Hamil, somewhere where she could not bring public shame to his growing interests.

Her older brother would visit her from time to time, and they remain close, but it has been years since she has had any contact with her mother or her step-father.

In the monastery, she learned to love reading the tales and stories of the champions of Kurshid, especially those of Eoleth. She learned to fight as well, training as a monk. When she turned 17 she left the monastery to make a name and a life for herself, as well as to reunite with her older brother.

Anya is enthusiastic and optimistic, almost to the point of being obnoxious to her traveling companions. She believes strongly in the faith of Kurshid, and has faith that she can be guided by divinity.


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