Bree Thorngage

Experienced Performer / Novice Adventurer


Halfling Bard

8 Strength
16 Dexterity
13 Constitution
12 Intelligence
10 Wisdom
16 Charisma


Experienced performer and amateur adventurer, Bree Thorngage hails from a small halfling settlement nestled in the foothills of Cana. As a child, she was never content with the easy life, and always wanted to travel and have adventures.

As a child her mother taught her how to play music, and before she died, gifted Bree her magical mandolin, encouraging her to go out and have her adventurers. After her mother died, Bree left her small village to explore Messen and see and experience everything she could.

When she’s not exploring and adventuring, she is pretty capable of finding a tavern where she can perform and make some pretty good coin, so in her mind, life is pretty darn good.

Recently came to Fort Dax to run the Crossed Swords Inn on behalf of the Black Foxes.

Bree Thorngage

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