Dax Krirguk

Tiefling Sorcerer


Dax has dark red skin, small horns on his forehead, and a long whip like tail. He prefers to carry his tail so it doesn’t touch the ground, and it rises and falls according to his mood. Sort of in the way that a cat’s tail does, though he does not appreciate the comparison. In fact, given that he resembles the stereotypical image of a devil, there are a large number of comparisons that he doesn’t appreciate.

He prefers to dress well and is usually found in a modest business suit. Unfortunately, recent times have been hard, and months on the road have rendered his appearance rather frumpy. He looks like he’s about forty years old.

His name is recorded in Southmeadow ledgers as “Dalton Xavior Kirk”. Krirguk is an infernal surname that Dax has decided to use.


Dax grew up in Southmeadow, a small town in Hamil, where his family were the only tieflings. His parents ran a general store which had been the center of his life for as long as he remembered. It was a labor of nearly half a century to build the business. Dax’s father was particularly concerned with cultivating a favorable reputation within the community. When Dax’s parents passed away and Dax inherited the store, he was dedicated to maintaining and building on his father’s legacy. He had some moderate success in running the business on his own. The store was more profitable than ever.

After being on his own for about a decade, he began to itch for something else to do with his time. He really wanted to give more back to his community. There was a particular alderman named Edward Mardog. Alderman Mardog was uniformly disliked by the townspeople and his seat was up for reelection. Everyone agreed that if some brave person were to run against Mardog, they could win easily and it would surely be an improvement. Dax decided that he could be such a brave person.

The election was a disaster. As soon as Dax announced his intention, the people turned against him. It became evident that, though they didn’t care for Mardog, they absolutely hated the idea of a tiefling in government. Everyone made it clear that they aproved of Dax’s family only as long as they stayed in their place. Dax was heartbroken to find out that his father’s legacy was only a thin illusion of respect. The town that he called home would never consider him a citizen.

He lost a lot of friends. He lost even more regular customers. His store never recovered. Less than two months after the election, he was forced to close his doors. He determined that if he was doomed to die in poverty, he was going to do it out of sight of the people who had rejected and humiliated him. Late in the night, he locked up his shop and struck out for Cana.

Dax Krirguk

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