Drow Trickster


Arcane Trickster

8 Strength
17 Dexterity
12 Constitution
16 Intelligence
10 Wisdom
14 Charisma


Originally hailing from the Islands of Celeria, Vashaya has long called Blackhull home. Despite the supposed peace between the Elves and Drow after their exodus, the Dark Elves are usually treated as second class citizens in Celeria, and Vashaya left at a young age.

A skilled con artist and thief in her own right, Blackhull serves as a good place to call home in between the occasional job to the other kingdoms of Messen.

Vashaya is also a member of The Crow, and offered the heroes a Dark Coin in exchange for helping her to retrieve the mythical Sun Blade from it’s resting place in The Mad Wizard’s Gambit


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