Song of the Ages

Well, after that I ended up thumping a baron for a baron.

Yeah, you heard me. Me, of all people, doing something for a noble. Turns out these people I’ve fallen in with were framed for killing a baron by his captain of the guard, all so he could take that title for himself. I can remember thinking like that, that titles and such meant something, but at the end of the day, he was as dead with his title as he would have been without it.

What? Oh, yeah. Guess I am getting ahead of myself.

So my new friends were framed by the new baron, but apparently they knew who should be the baron, who was the son of the former baron… you know what, you ask them about all that. I’m confusing myself with all these barons. Long story short, we had a gangly kid that would be the baron if we could out the old one. They gathered up some soldiers, but those troops left actually raiding the baron’s manor up to us.

Early in the morning, even before the rooster thinks about crowing, we sneaked up and tried climbing the fence. Turns out that was a mistake, and not just because we ended up attracting the guards with the scrambling and thumping we were making. Turns out the fence’s main gate wasn’t even locked, so we didn’t even have to go over in the first place. It being open was a good thing, cause we had to run in and subdue the guards. I think they sounded the alarm though, since there were more waiting for us- with mages too!- when we entered the house.

I admit, when the blood’s pumping and the rage is on me, I tend to see some strange things. Red haze, enemies mocking me, stuff like that… but this fight was weird. At one point I went invisible, the guards I was thumping went invisible, my own axe itself went invisible! Maybe those mushrooms I found the night before weren’t good after all. Anyways, we fought our way to the baron’s chambers, who was waiting for us with sword and shield at the ready. From what the others have told me, the baron was a bastard and not even a nice one, but I have to admit some respect for a man who meets a challenge head on like that. It didn’t hurt him either that he knew a thing or two about swordplay, though that did hurt me a bit. I ran up, screaming and swinging, we traded a few blows and though I’d like to say I killed him, I hit the ground before he did.

When I woke up, the others said the baron was dead, long live the baron, yadda yadda yadda. All I knew was I ached, both from the beating I had taken as well as from fighting like that. It has been a while since I’ve had to really push myself in battle and, I hate to admit it, but I think I’ve gone a bit soft since I came back from the wilds. I’ve got to toughen up, get back in touch with the bear… oh, is that tankard for me? Thankee, sir. To your health!


I killed Renhart Bradley.

I think that I made myself believe it was an accident, but the truth is, when the time came, I knew what I was doing. I’m not half bad (re: I’m actually very good) with my bow—or a fair few of my other weapons, but the instant he tried to run, I think survival mode kicked in. I think I killed Bradley on purpose.

I know I did.

We found Pontus Mengis in a cranberry farm. We managed to safely transport him from said farm and to Lorentzian, where I couldn’t find Scratch—but then again, Scratch is only around when he wants to be found, considering that he ended up getting our attention using alternate methods—and we helped Squishy get some new clothes so that he could fall into his Baron role. The thing is, by having him on our side, I think we managed to clear up a little bit of what’s happening in Lorentzian, but we didn’t stay very long to find out how far we could test our limits. We got back to Redford with a contingent of guards, and when morning came (it was such an ungodly hour—whose idea was that? I was not on my game and I think I ran into the fence more than once before realizing there was a door), we got into where Bradley was hiding and met up with guards. A lot of guards. Yoon and I took care of a good few. I killed a wizard and maimed a couple of others, and when I remembered how much we wanted Bradley alive, I really did try to honor keeping him that way.

The thing is, nobody runs from me. The thing is, nobody fucks around with Yoon, and when he jumped out through the window and I aimed a clear shot, I think I did all of it on purpose.

I’m afraid of what that means. Maybe I’m not, though. I feel like my life hasn’t been in my hands for too long, so maybe this was me giving back.

At any rate, Renhart Bradley is dead. I don’t feel guilty about it.

PS Did I mention we were looking for a baron’s son? That’s who Pontus is. I think he owes us some gold. We also trashed his mansion though, so for now, I’ll call it even.

A letter to the new Baron (draft)

From: The Secure Courier Service of Dax Krirgug et al

To: Pontus Erin Mengis, Baron of Redford

Seven weeks ago, we accepted a job from your father the late Lord Aldren Mengis to deliver a message to Pleasant Grove and return with a response to Redford. The payment agreed upon was 10 Gold, 5 Gold of which was paid in advance. The rigors of travel were such that the venture was immediately unprofitable, so unbearable were the expenses of traveling such a distance. We had faith that the late Lord Aldren Mangis would assist us in repairing the debts we incurred in his service. We were greatly saddened by the Baron’s passing, but the particular circumstances of his death put us in great danger. Through intense effort and great personal expense we identified Aldren Mangis’s next of kin, delivered the response from the The Lord Baron of Union and Pleasant Grove, provided safe escort to the heir to the barony first to Lorenzian and then to Redford, and finally assisted in ousting the pretender Bradley. All of this we have done without promise of payment, through efforts that we have funded ourselves, for the sake of the people of Redford and in service of Justice and for the security of the great state of Cana. We hope that the new Baron of Redford will find sufficient gratitude for the service that we have performed for himself, for his father, and for the people of Redford to alleviate the financial burden we have incurred during the execution of this task.

With the highest respect,

Dax Krirgug
Treasurer and founding member of (what the hell do we call ourselves?)

Life and Death

It’s been awhile since I last wrote a journal entry. So I thought I would give you a cliff notes version of what has happened since we arrived in Blackhull. First, my old assassin guild decided to pay me a visit. Thankfully, I had one of those dorky friendship bracelets from the bard. Some people say that being almost dead is a life-altering experience. Don’t worry, it didn’t change anything about me. In fact, it just drove me to find more power which is why I made a deal with a dark goddess. Why? Because I can. :)

Hidden In Plain Sight

I have this feeling. It’s the same feeling that I had when we went to look for the Witch of Redford, Namaeia, and I thought we were being watched, and there was that crow. I still don’t know if we were being watched or if the crow was anything, but the feeling I have no is a strange void. That, and maybe a little bit of instinct, like we’re missing a piece and like someone knows what that piece is.

I also feel like because of all this, Yoon is keeping something. I don’t know what it is; I have no idea what it could be, but I wish she’d tell me. I kind of figured that even though I owe her my life, we were the type of friends who told each other things. It’s not like she’s proven me otherwise, but I don’t like this feeling of missing something.

Maybe I’m just paranoid.

So there I was, jumping into a street brawl...

So where was I? Ah, right. The Blackhull Isles. I’d come to see what civilization would be like without kings and mayors. Spent a few weeks there, bloodied a few cut-purses and tried some of the local drink (not bad stuff, actually, just not like the ale from back home). But you know what? It was about the same as everywhere else. Ya, you didn’t have guardsmen stomping around and telling you what to do just because they have a lord backing them up, but you just traded that in for thugs doing the same on threat of violence. Still the same old story of the strong eating the weak. Perhaps that’s really what we’re all like, no matter where you go…

Sorry, needed to think and take a swig. So I was liking the local drink, but not so impressed by the people there. I was out wandering and saw a group of people being attacked by a group of thieves in broad daylight, and that just set my blood to boiling. I mean, I don’t care about if that was just how things worked here, it just felt wrong. If you’re going to rob someone, the least you could do is not insult them by doing it to their face. If you’re doing it like that, you’re obviously strong enough to not have to rely on robbing to get your bread, so why rob in the first place?

Huh, you’re right, they probably weren’t robbers after all.

Anyways, I jumped in… well, me and another guy, and we managed to drive off the thugs, though one or two of them had to be put down before they ran. The fight was quick though… not long enough by far and all it did was get my blood up. I needed more, and luckily this group seemed to draw trouble. I followed along hoping they’d get jumped again, but by the time they’d gotten a boat of the island, no one had dared. By then though they’d told me enough about themselves for me to keep up with them, they’d get into trouble soon enough, wherever they went.

Turns out they were going to one of the other islands and there… there… huh, I can’t quite remember some of the details. I know that we found some old temple and whenever someone went in, those outside would have to fight a drider. That part was good, since I think that happened twice… but what was it they were going in for again? A bargain? Sounds like a bad deal in the first place… yeah, you said it.

On a Scrap of Paper

Heres what we know:
1. Assasins are hunting Yoon.
2. We have information that could change the political landscape of Redford.
3. We have awaken a powerful lich. (who is not necessarily evil, but lets face it, he’s a lich)
4. A young lady with a shiny sword is hunting vampires.
5. Some guy name Garret (or something) owes us a favor.
6. The treasure map was useless.
7. The Crow is a bunch of idiots.
8. The paper I’m righting this on will get lost because I don’t have a place to keep it.
9. Maybe lists are stupid

Say What, Now

So, we didn’t die. Not to take undue pride in my abilities or anything, but the thing I wrote about last time wasn’t as horrifying as I thought it would be.

Let me try to start over. We made it to the Blackhull and ran into a lady dark elf kicking ass—you know I feel about ladies kicking ass—and later in the day, she approached us about a quest. She wanted to go through the Mad Wizard’s Gambit to retrieve a sword, and you know how I feel about quests that potentially have treasure at the end.We agreed to help, but on the way, got ambushed by some tabaxi. Ironically, the first group let us go, and a few hours later, we were encouraged (with the threat of violence) to follow the second group. Our bard tried to talk himself out, really. I think that in the end though, it was the tiefling that sweet talked our way out of being killed. I think. I can’t remember at this point.

At any rate, we bargained our way into the Mad Wizard’s Gambit in exchange for the sun sword—and this is where our dark elf friend Vashaya told us she intends to keep it for herself. Something about revenge and lost loves and dark coins. Pretty sure she had to kill her lover because someone had gotten hold of her coin, and she had no choice in the matter. I’d want revenge too, in all fairness.

When we went through the labyrinth, I think I expected fire and ice and doom around every corner, but we managed alright. There was a point where Gerardt (oh—Gerardt we found petrified on our way through the forests the tabaxi occupy. He’d been caught by the gaze of a basilisk and trapped for about 30 years or so, but agreed to come with us through the Gambit) touched a door and transported through to another area of the maze and for reasons I still don’t understand, the bard, tiefling, and amazingly, Yoon, all followed through. I gave Vashaya this look, and the next thing I knew, we were fighting a fire demon.

We managed to destroy it with little damage, finding our way back to the original door that had transported us. Guess who decided to just touch the door again. I think I’m losing my mind, because instead of certain death, this time we ended up in a room where there appeared to be loot (and we all know how I feel about loot). I found a rapier that talks to me. Vashaya found her sword, but we also happened to find the mad wizard who had created this place. Everyone kept saying he was “probably dead”, and I think I knew better. I’m pretty sure I cursed when we realized who he was, and the tiefling couldn’t sweet talk our way out of this one.

Cue a many eyed monster trying to kill us, but if I found a rapier, the bard had found his own weapon, and we got away from the thing unscathed. (Right? Wow.)

Why do we do these things to ourselves. Do we have to save the world now? Also, Vashaya gave her poison daggers to Yoon, and I’m jealous.

I hate everything right now.

Rip van Wizards

Rip van Wizards

Is there something about wizards that makes them more likely to be frozen in time? We de-petrified the professor on purpose. That turned out to be a good thing. He was a useful companion while we were traversing the vault. We released the lich on accident. So far, nothing bad has happened. I can’t imagine it turns out wonderfully though.

In any case, it’s another job done. We got the girl the sword and earned a black coin. The loot from the venture is nice, but we really need to turn the black coin into something more valuable. Like a bunch of regular coins.

Accessories and Costumes

I’ve been thinking a little about how I appear. Dressing well while being unarmed might become a problem. Then I found this fun new staff. I’m no longer unarmed, but when I wear the staff with the suit I just look like an old man who needs a walking stick. If I wear robes while carrying the staff, then I look more like a wizard. Also, I don’t look like I’m carrying a bunch of money. I’m hoping people will assume my bag is full of reagents and books and wizard stuff. Rather than money and books and business stuff.

Uncertain death

When I first arrived in Redford I was preoccupied by my financial situation. I was watching my savings melt away before my eyes. I felt like I was drowning and starving to death at the same time. To be clear, it never got so bad that I missed a meal, but my anxiety was overwhelming. My whole life was unsustainable, and I was going to die. Things got a little better when I ganged up with Fulgen and those trouble-making girls. We had some sort of income, but we were still loosing money on every venture. I’ll admit, I was panicking on the inside. Sometime around when we were imprisoned, things started to change for me. I’m a little more content to live day to day. I only compare the content of our purses to my records once or twice a day anymore. It’s good to have people to rely on.

I wonder how Colonel is getting along with Nameia.


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