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  • The Crow

    A collection of renegades and fortune hunters, the Agents of the Crow (also known as just "The Crow") is more like a loose alliance than a formal guild. Masked in secrecy to outsiders, The Crow is a society that follows the [[The Dark Pantheon | Dark God …

  • Deep Guardians

    The Deep Guardians are a group of hunters and guardians who are sworn to protect the surface world and the mountain kingdom from the terrors of the Deep. Members of the Deep Guardians swear their life to this purpose, and spend most of their remaining …

  • The Seekers

    A guild that is dedicated to uncovering the secrets and artifacts of the past. Many are suspicious of this guild's intentions, though they insist they intend to keep the secrets safe and the artifacts kept from those that could do harm.

  • The Hunters

    A group located in Sutherland dedicated to protecting civilization from the threats of the untamed wild. Mostly focused in Sutherland along the borders with the Northern Wastes, their number are welcomed anywhere that the wilds threaten to overwhelm …

  • The Lighthand

    A Holy order devoted to Syr Evan, the Lighthand are sword to fight evil and corruption wherever they are found.

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