The week is made up of 7 days:

  • Lunsday
  • Solsday
  • Terransday
  • Hevensday
  • Marsday
  • Sheysday
  • Highday

There are 13 months, consisting of 28 days (exactly 4 weeks)

  • Prienmar
  • Seranmar
  • Terransmar
  • Quarenmar
  • Quintemar
  • Sestenmar
  • Septenmar
  • Octenmar
  • Novenmar
  • Decimar
  • Oncimar
  • Docemar
  • Trecemar

In addition, there is an extra day, a very holy and special holiday called the Feast of Elior, which takes place between Sestenmar and Septenmar, which honors Elior the Slain. It is not part of the normal month nor normal week. Additionally, every 7 years, 2 extra days are added to the calendar between Docemar and Trecemar. This is the most holy of all holidays, and is known as the Feast of the Seven, in remembrance of both the 7 years, and the seven Gods (including Elior who was slain by Eadwig). This 2-day feast also is not a part of the normal month nor week.

Each of the Aegis has special holiday(s), and they are as follows:

  • Samar: 18th of Quintemar
  • Sor Mirna: 17th of Octenmar
  • Sor Colleta: 12th of Quarenmar (marking the beginning of planting season) and 10th Decimar (marking the beginning of the harvest)
  • Nausicaa: 9th of Seranmar (red flame), 27th of Septenmar (blue flame)
  • Syr Evan: 16th of Novenmar
  • Kurshid: 1st of Sestenmar


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