Also known as “The Kingdom Beneath the Mountain”, Denkuldir is the mighty dwarven nation. Denkuldir is not strictly defined by borders, but is rather a collection of dwarven keeps, cities and towns that are all connected by the Great Road. Most of these settlements are underground, but there are one or two completely surface settlements that the dwarves call home, as well as several settlements that have grown to extend to the surface.

The capitol of Denkuldir is the great city-fortress of Stonehall, nestled deep in the Northern Peaks. Legends claim that Stonehall has never fallen in a siege, and your average dwarf may likely come to blows if someone claims otherwise.

Denkuldir is well known for their craftsmen, as well as for their precious metals and gemstones. They have good relationships with the other nations in the north, especially with the human kingdom of Sutherland. They are almost constantly at war with various orcish tribes and raiders from the Northern Wastes, which border the Northern Peaks to the west.

Many areas of Denkuldir are also connected to The Deep, a subterranean landscape that is the home to the Drow and terrible aberrations.

The high king of the Dwarves is Kron Stoneheart

Major Cities and Locations



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