Long ago, Dragons could be found in Messen. They were not a terribly common sight, but when seen, they were certainly a terrifying one. Far to the east was where the Dragons called home, where they nested and kept their hordes when they weren’t pillaging or fighting amongst one another.

Using their powerful magics, the Dragons created a hybrid race of human and Dragon to serve them as slaves, to care for their hordes and young, and to serve as entertainment when one dragon would send his army of thralls to fight against another Dragon’s armies.

However, these new creatures eventually rose up against their masters, uniting together to put an end to the Dragons once and for all. They succeeded, and Dragons have not been organized in Messen since, scattered and hiding, no longer gathering armies.

The servants took up the name of Dragonborn, and the lands and riches that once belonged to the Dragons became theirs. They have since built up a mighty kingdom on the smaller eastern continent on those lands, the kingdom of Drathl.

The dragonborn are a proud and noble race. While Drathl acts as a united nation, most dragonborn swear their fealty to their clans, and the king rules and is advised by the various leaders of the clans. To a dragonborn, clan comes before all else, even before personal safety and property.

There are 11 clans of dragonborn in Drathl. Each clan is associated with a particular color, but some clan members can be of a different color. For example, Qelroth Delmirev is a Bronze dragon, but is a member of the Moonscale Clan.

Moonscale Clan (Delmirev) – Silver / Frost

Sunborne Clan (Fruldovfel) – Gold / Fire

Stormwing Clan (Pahdrem) – Bronze / Lightning

Skyfall Clan (Aalbrod) – Brass / Thunder

Steelback Clan (Silluvnin) – Iron / Fire

Sunderback Clan (Junvunin) – Copper / Acid

Redclaw Clan (Reinjoor) – Red / Fire

Nightwing Clan (Feimdrem) – Black / Acid

Frostback Clan (Faahlnin) – White / Frost

Earthwing Clan (Shuulgodrem) – Green / Poison

Seaborne Clan (Hetlirfel) – Blue / Lightning


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