After the Dragonborn rose up and overthrew their Draconic masters, there was a time of turmoil. Even though they had come together to obtain freedom, there were ancient grudges between the clans, grudges that came from the Dragons themselves who had sired them. However, an uneasy peace was established, and the kingdom of Drathl was born.

Drathl’s capitol of Nadalyr sits on the coast near the main continent, in an area that is not part of any clan’s territory. This is so that the ruling clan can easily take control of the city and the throne whenever a new king comes into power At any point one of the other clan leaders can challenge the king’s heir for the right to the throne. The heir and the challenger each select a champion to fight for them, and the right to the throne is decided in honorable combat.

Each of the clans maintains their own lands and cities, but currently the leader of the Redclaw clan holds the throne in Nadalyr, having recently seized the throne from the Moonscale clan, who had ruled for the previous 150 years.

Major Cities



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