Elven Faith

Elven religion and afterlife

While the Human religion is polytheistic, Elves instead are monotheistic. They believe in a single creator, whom they refer to as the Mother. According to their beliefs, the Mother created the First World, Faerie, raising it out of the ether to be a home for her children; and that they are those children. They believe that the Mother blessed them with a long lifetime to prepare to return home to her again.

While the elves are rather tolerant of other races, they strongly value racial purity, a practice rooted in them being the “chosen people”. As such Half-Elves are treated more poorly by Elves than by humans on average.


The Mother granted life to the world, and put her children, the Elves, here to protect and guide the world. We must be a light to others, to show them the path to the Mother. Be at peace with others, seek to guide, not to rule. Do not seek out combat, but do not be afraid to fight to protect your homes and lands.


Elves who follow the traditional religion often times see themselves as emissaries of the Mother, brought to this world to guide the other peoples on Messen to her. As such, the Church of the Mother welcomes converts with open arms, however their clergy are almost exclusively elven.

Elven Faith

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