Taking up most of the southern portion of the main continent of Messen, the Empire of Hamil is the largest of the Human nations.


Along the massive plains to the south of Denkuldir lie some of the most fertile farmland in all of Messen. As such, Hamil grows roughly 70% of all farmed goods in the world, shipping crops all over the world, but mostly to Cana, Denkuldir and Drathl. Other areas of the country have mining and metallurgy, but nowhere as much as the dwarves of Denkuldir.


Hamil is a Parliamentary Empire, with the central government ruled by the young Empress Jessamine DeCantor, and advised by Parliament, a bureaucracy made up of elected representatives from the various provinces of Hamil. Critics of the government complain that it is slow and ineffectual, with the Parliament viewed generally disfavourably while the Empress is beloved by the people.

Major Cities


Other party-important locations



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