Human Pantheon

Human religion and afterlife

Humans are polytheistic, believing in a pantheon of godly beings known as the Aegis. According to the human religion, when the souls of men die, they are brought back to the realm where the Aegis (the gods) live. Kurshid is the Goddess who brings the souls of men to the next life, where they are brought before Samar to be judged.

However, before the moment of judgment, the truly devout may be claimed by any one of 6 deities. Those that are claimed are then brought into the paradise of that deity. Each of the deities except Samar have a paradise appropriate for those that have followed them in life. For example, the Holy Sisters, the Patron of the Harvest and the Patron of Peace share a garden in the next life where their devout may live out the afterlife in peace and in proximity to nature. Syr Evan, the patron of chivalry and glory in battle has his hall of champions, where those who have proven their might may rest with the heroes of old.

Those that are not claimed by any Deity are then judged by Samar, the God of Justice. Those that are overly tainted are sent to an afterlife of suffering at the hands of the Fiends, while those that are good enough are accepted into the Great City of the Dead. Those that are claimed by Samar become the peacekeepers and the leaders over the citizens of the city.

Main Deities

Sor Mirna
Sor Colleta
Syr Evan

Deceased Deities



Each of the different gods tends to have their own tenets and emphasis. To the humans, different aspects of human nature are represented and governed over by the different gods. In general, however, if one is not seeking to enter one of the paradises, then generally they need to be good and fair to their fellow men to earn a place in the City of the Dead.


Humans are the most numerous race on Messen, and as such the religions of their various gods have seen much growth and influence. Most half-elves, many dwarves and few elves have been known to follow worship of the various human gods.

Human Pantheon

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