Nestled between the kingdom of Denkuldir and the raiders of the Northern Wastes, Sutherland is the first line of civilization trying to fight back the chaos of the wilds. Almost always under threat and almost always at war with the north, the people of Sutherland are a hearty, fiery people, quick to anger but some of the most skilled fighters in Messen.


War can be an industry in and of itself, but does not sustain a nation. The southern regions of Sutherland are home to quarries and metallurgists, while the north is occupied by ancient and crumbling forts. Because of a lack of usable farmland and other industry, the king of Sutherland is often forced to rely on foreign aid and ancient treaties to keep his kingdom fed and the armies of the foul folk from overrunning the other nations.


Sutherland is a martial state, with the king ruling from his throne in Bayacre, the last great city in the north. Most towns that are not border forts are ruled over by Reeves appointed by the king and his advisers. Border forts are usually controlled directly by the generals assigned to them.

Major Cities


Other party-important locations

Fort Dax


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