The Old Faith

The Old Faith

Life, death, and rebirth. All of creation exists within a great cycle, guided not by deity, but independent of it. Followers of the Old Faith hold reverence to nature, and to the cycle of life, and is commonly only practiced by Druids, though some others still believe in the Old Faith.

Those that follow the Old Faith hold trees, the sun and the moon as sacred. They believe they must protect trees, plants and crops from destruction. The recognize that food and shelter are necessities of men and animals, and do not begrudge them when they hunt or practice agriculture respectfully.

The Old Faith is strongly nuetral in alignment, seeking to maintain a balance between Good, Evil, Law and Chaos. Followers of the Old Faith view Good and Evil as being temporary phases, and only do they interfere if they feel the great cycle itself is threatened.


Protect and defend the natural order, and the Great Cycle. Remember that pain and suffering are temporary phases. Do no harm to nature, or to your fellow men. Remain aloof from the concerns of the world.


The Old Faith is primarily worshiped by the Druidic circles deep in the forests of Messen. Most of these circles consist of Men and Elves who have separated themselves from the world to observe and protect the natural order. Converts to the Old Faith are rare, as most civilized people view it as heretical or superstition.

The Old Faith

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