Song of the Ages

An odd place, and I've been around

So, we had some money to fix up the keep, at least partly and while I was itching to be on the road again and hit some heads to earn more coin, I wasn’t expecting this next part. You know how some thieves have been attacking us from time to time, trying to kill us? I always thought they were just bandits or overly aggressive pickpockets, but it turns out they were actual assassins sent to kill Yoon. Whaddya mean, who’s Yoon? She’s the creepy girl that stabs people, been with us for a while. Turns out she used to be an assassin in their guild before she ran away and became a barmaid- yeah, I said a barmaid. So, they were sending people to try to finish her off. You’d think you’d realize when you’re being attacked by assassins, right? Guess they weren’t sending their best.

So, she came out and told us this and one thing led to another and the next thing I know Dax has practically sent the guild a message that he knows too much. At least he fessed up so we could be ready that night. I still wish we had actually sent the guardsmen we’d just hired into the cellar rather than just telling them they have the night off. Though, I guess none of us expected them to spend their night off roaming the night outside of their tents. Anyways, assassins came and killed them, then came after us. I ended up being swarmed by a group of them that stabbed and bit me, but I’d like to think I gave as good as I got.

What? Yeah, I said that they bit me. So? Oh right, I didn’t mention that some of them are vampires, did I? Yeah, apparently they use undead for some of their dirty work. Well, they do.

So, Dax nearly died, but we managed to kill some and drive off the rest. The next morning, we decided to take the fight to them. They knew about the keep, so staying there would just invite more of those bloodsuckers to come and kill our guardsmen, so we set out for Eastport, where the guild is supposed to be based. We met up with a pair of guys that apparently raised Yoon and agreed to help with the assassins, though I think they were doing it mostly for Willow’s sake. What? Who’s Willow? The girl that shoots things and then stabs them, not to be confused with Yoon, who usually just stabs them. We then split up since some of us might be recognized by the guild if they were just wandering the streets. We’d regroup once we figured out where the guildhall or whatever they used was.

Speaking of, Eastport is one gloomy place. I mean, the fog is one thing, but just how so many of the buildings are empty makes it feel, I don’t know, hollow, you know? And the people who are still there have this look in their face that makes you think they’re hollow too. I did mention we’re hunting vampires in this town, right? Yeah, vampire-assassins.

Fun times.


iellswo akhdar

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