Song of the Ages

Another Dimension


No sooner had we arrived at Fort Dax were we sent out on another mission, accompanied by some half-elf that Wyllo knows. I haven’t had much time to write, been busy trudging through swamp land and killing zombies. We were hired to fight off a necromancer and his army of the undead. Not really a terribly hard task. Or so I figured. But since leaving the fort we’ve been attacked by Were-bears, I’ve been possessed by some sort of ghost and Mosi and I were sent to another dimension of sorts by Belfran.
I took care to make sure we laid to rest the corpses that the necromancer turned into play-things.
They deserve at least that.
Also Mosi thinks I have a thing for him… eww
There are a lot of things I’d be willing to fuck. Gross hairy dwarf with little hygiene standards is definitely not on the list

I think being in a group is stressing Fenris out. Poor thing isn’t used to the company of others. It’s usually just me and him. I’m reluctant to leave, however. Not sure why. I guess I’ve missed the companionship of family more than I realized…

Oh, and I guess we’re going to be hunting down a lich… grand


iellswo Shadowofdreams

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