Song of the Ages

Fool Me Once


[written in Elvish]

I think I have a family somewhere. I think that family is part of nobility, and I think that they’re (more specifically, she—I guess I have an aunt) potentially going to be blackmailed because of me. I’ve been turning this over in my mind from the moment I found this drawing on my bed. It’s of a very regal looking woman, and Oak said something about an aunt to me tonight.

I don’t know what to think about this. I’m not supposed to have a family.

I don’t think I should tell anyone about this just yet, either. Thief turned nobility, what kind of cliche is that?

[written in English]

I’m going to kill Oak. Ripping his tongue out sounds just as well to start with, but I also just really want to kill him. I’ve been very clear on my paranoia, especially with people I don’t know well, and people who know me at all know I also have trust issues. You don’t make it very far as a thief, and I’m pretty sure that I’ve said that before, too.

Still: you don’t mess with people that care about. Or am about to care about—or potentially care about…which amounts to liking well enough. Mostly. Kind of.

I should have let his sorry ass get skinned.

Start at the beginning? Sure. Ok.

We came to Qelroth’s competition, where he’s trying to win back his title and what have you, etc. etc.There was a point where I was envious of how he knew where he belonged—or where he wanted to belong, and how honorable he is about his business. I think he treats people fairly, and I liked seeing that.

That feels like a long time ago, though.

We took part of our first game in the competition, but the night before we won, we were having drinks with a mixture of Dragonborn in the tavern/inn we’re staying at. At some point, Yoon had an encounter someone that we found out later is a black Dragonborn (black Dragonborn are the spy sort, I think? I don’t know where I picked this up.) who told us that someone in our group is not the honorable sort. Spoiler alert: it’s Oak. I think I knew from the start, because he has this way of saying things around me that are very insulting. By the way, he’s said I’m manipulatable.

I’m not. I think I should clarify that now.


At any rate, by the time we’d won this first part of the competition, we were back at this tavern and had a few drinks, and by the time said drinks had worn off, courtesy of Shadow, Yoon had gotten carried away with attempting to interrogate Shadow and making her feel like she needed to leave. I managed to convince Yoon to apologize to Shadow. Lucky. Until I realized that paranoia was right and Oak is the one who’s trying to double cross us.

Truth? I don’t know if he’s actually trying to double cross us or them. I noticed him with a Redscale dragon and trying to show off his paintings, but then he came up to me and showed me one, too. There was writing on the other side and it was something about making our encounter convincing.

I don’t like thinking about these things. They should be cut and dry.

He said he didn’t blame my parents for leaving me. If I’d throat-checked him harder, I could have broken his neck. (My fault. Rookie mistake.)

I don’t remember much of the actual fight with Oak, though. He’s fast. I tried to be faster. Afterward, he went out to the docks and I followed him. He met up with some other Redscales and they said that neither he nor Shadow would make it through the night.

What is it that made me want to save his stupid ass?

It took a minute. Maybe it wasn’t even a minute, but it felt long enough; it’s not like Yoon can’t handle anyone about to slit Shadow’s throat or her own, and Shadow can take care of herself, but I had a moment where I didn’t know if I should help Oak or not. I had a moment where I didn’t know who needed me more, and some sort of protective instinct rose up. It was only a minute—moment—but Oak was three against one, and by threatening people I care about, they’d blacklisted themselves. I’ll win this stupid competition.

So has Oak. The little shit. I’ll cut out his tongue, and then he can eat it. Maybe I’ll cut out his eyeballs, too. Yes, that sounds like a good idea.

In the end, everyone is ok. In the end, Yoon’s little encounter with Shadow was apologized for, and Shadow found out that it wasn’t regular hazing.

There’s a reason I’m paranoid. Don’t fuck with me.

I’m not in love with Qelroth.

[written in Elvish]

I don’t know what to do. Why is this bothering me so much?

I wonder if Scratch knows anything. Maybe I’ll write him a letter. I think this is the angriest I’ve been since Yoon got framed. I don’t like being this mad. It’s like I’m a teapot.

How does Oak know all of these things about me—theoretically?

If Scratch knew, he would have told me…Right?


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