Song of the Ages

Fulgen's Fable

Once upon a time, there was a child who was captured by a horrible monster. The monster took the child to its lair and prepared to cook it for supper. But, the clumsy monster forgot to lock the child’s cage, and the child escaped.

The child ran through the woods until they came to a farm, where they asked a farmer how to find their way home. The farmer pointed the child to the road so that they could find their way home. On the road it began to rain, but a passing merchant gave the child some rations and a warm coat. When the child was nearing home, the monster followed closely on the child’s trail. Right as the monster was about to catch up to the child and devour them, a knight saw the child in peril and came and slew the monster by chopping its head off with their sword.

When the child got home they told their parents all about what had happened on their journey. The parents loudly cursed Kurshid for the many times that their child had been imperiled. To their surprise, Kurshid herself appeared before them. She said, “you’re right, I could have done a lot more than weakening the latch on the child’s cage, sending a rainstorm to hide the child’s scent from the monster, and breaking a knight’s horseshoe so that he would be delayed and meet the child on the road. Next time you can go save your child yourselves.”


iellswo Thomar

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