Song of the Ages

It wasn't spicy, but it certainly had a good kick to it.

So, we were hired to march up to a nearby fort and assist in repelling a gathering group of orcs that had been spotted in the area. Everyone we talked to kept saying that they didn’t exactly know how many there were, but just to expect them to attack the fort soon. By the time we got there, we started helping as best we could, with the clerics holing up in the chapel and preparing for the wounded as best they could. Me? I worked a forge and did whatever odd job they needed me to smith. It’s been a while since I’ve done that, too long actually, but it was good to be reminded of the simple joy of shaping metal and working heat.

Maybe we can get a forge put into that keep we now own.

Oh, what keep? The one we killed the fire giant in, we got it as payment for the fort job… ah, I’m getting ahead of myself, aren’t I? So, the fort job. We had maybe a day at most of doing these small things before the orcs showed up. And the giants, bandits, trolls, and everything else they seemed to dredged up along the way. And in numbers we had certainly not been expecting.

Rather than spend the fighting churning out blades and arrowheads, I went to where I could do the most help, keeping the walls free of enemies so that our archers could kill without being killed. I’m telling you, a goblin dropped from the top of a 30 foot wall makes the funniest noise on the way down, much funnier than an orc or human. All in all, we managed to weather the attack much better than I had hoped, but at one point they managed to smash open the gate and slip a giant and some others in before the gate could be sealed again. My friends and I switched our attention to the group and managed to take them down fairly quickly, though the fire giant, yes another one, took to swinging that battering ram like a club and that’s how I broke this tooth here.

We had a bit of a breather in the chapel after that, but not long into it a dragon, large and green and full of hate and poison, came flying in and attacking our people on the walls. We charged out and attacked that thing as best as we could, but it was almost too much for us. It kept flapping away, knocking us down and then breathing its gas on us. Fortunately a few of the others rushed out to help us and we managed to kill the thing. Oh, speaking of that, have you ever tried roasted dragon tongue? No? Huh, guess I’ll have to kill some more to find out if all of their tongues have that kind of kick to them or if it’s just the green ones.

Anyways, the attack soon broke off and the army fled, meaning that we could return to town here and claim our reward, a rubbley old fort we had recently cleared of bandits. Like I said, we should look into putting in a forge, you know?


iellswo akhdar

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