Song of the Ages



I may have discovered a strategy that can put any endeavor in the black. It goes like this: Kill things and take their valuables.

Most recently, the things we’re killing are: kobolds, orcs, and bandits. I suppose they are guilty of some serious crimes. Abducting children. Highway robbery. I also suppose we are authorized by the local authority. I still can’t help feeling that this whole situation is morally troublesome. Not this situation specifically. These kobolds are trouble. It is the best thing for this region for these kobolds to be stopped, and lethal force seems appropriate. I am referring to the general idea. Being an adventurer is being a predator. Since there is no profit in traveling or sight seeing, we must kill to survive. The law distinguishes between bandits and us. I’m sure the kobolds can’t tell the difference.


iellswo bluewales

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