Song of the Ages

New Enemy

Yeah, as you can tell, we got out of the tower alive. There was a strange bit with sconces in the cellar that turned out to be a disguised and locked entrance to some ancient tunnels that probably predated the tower, and the entire thing was crawling with undead, but we soon found that blasted necromancer that brought us out here. If I had passed him in the street, I’d have thought him nearly dead with plague. I know what you’re thinking, but I’m fairly certain he had a pulse when we started in on him. Later on in the fight, that was probably debatable.

It wasn’t our easiest fight, I’ll tell you that. I’m still not sure where he came from or exactly what he wanted with the place aside from the dead, but he wielded a strange staff that eventually gave away who he worked for. Almahen, a lich from ancient times that should have been killed long ago, but is now loose once more and apparently stirring up trouble for the entire north. Turns out some of my friends have brushed shoulders with him a time or two, if just briefly. We’d heard from Dax that this lich had been behind some of the armies forming in the Northern Wastes, and had also heard that he was somehow connected to the cults springing up in Sutherland itself. I can only suppose this necromancer was one of his cultists.

We managed to drop the man pretty quickly, but that didn’t take the fight out of him. Maybe he had a spell prepared for the event of his death or Almahen had such a claim on his soul that he could step in and use his body once the man ‘left the premises’. Either way, we found ourselves fighting the very same necromancer yet again, this time while missing his own head. Add on top of it some more undead that swarmed to his aid and it could have ended poorly for us. Fortunately though, we managed to crush the wizard’s body past whatever limits the lich’s power had and, with his death, the undead scattered. We picked them off later and made sure that we burned the bodies before we left the tower, but this was and is far from done. Somewhere there’s some mad dead wizard and he’s needing to be put down. Good thing I’m all fired up after that tower.


iellswo akhdar

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