Song of the Ages

Trust Is A Lie


Remember what I said about trust and faith and being part of this damned group? I take it all back. Dax did the stupidest thing by asking about the man we’re hunting, and I’m furious. I I have to keep myself in check and it’s very difficult not killing him.

I’m angry. I’m sure something is going to happen tonight. I’m unbelievably angry. Trust is a lie. Nobody is worth it.

Yoon is definitely up to something. I briefly mentioned considering what she might be up to previously, but I noticed that she’s been drawing pentagrams and the like down in the basement of our Keep. By the way, we have a Keep now. Did I mention this already? There was a demon that lived there and we got rid of it, so why is Yoon running around with chicken blood on her hands? There’s something going on and with what Dax did, I just don’t have any trust or faith in anything or anyone anymore.

Best not get in my way. I’m not in the best of moods. (Firenze, we have our night cut out for us.)


iellswo writergirl106

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