Song of the Ages

Turning on ourselves

We knew, based on what Qelroth had told us, that our opponents were likely to cheat. We went in expecting them to do that, but I don’t think we were expecting what happened, or how effective it was.

So, the first night in town one of those red lizards comes up to us and outright offers us a thousand gold for each person that just up and leaves. I admit, that was a tempting offer since the keep could obviously use that kind of cash. However, I couldn’t accept it. Now, I know that you might be thinking it was due to honor or a contract, but the simple fact of the matter is that I’d been travelling with Qelroth for a few weeks now and I liked him. Sure, he’s more than a little uptight, but at the end of the day, he’s a good egg.

Huh… never thought about how that phrase might have extra meaning for dragonborn. Anyway, the others did so as well, or at least they did so at first. Then we started being visited by some of the local spymasters hinting that one of us was working against us. And that’s all it took for us to start looking at each other funny! Granted, the warning was at least partly true, but the suspicion I think is what really started fraying on us. We won the first competition the next day, but the girls were eyeing everyone funny and I learned that night, once I’d gone off to guard Qelroth, that everyone started turning on each other. Accusations, misunderstandings and possible betrayals flying all over the place! It was almost a relief to hear that the red lizards tried to kill them at the end of the night since that at least gave us an enemy to look at rather than each other.

For now, I just want us to hold it together long enough to see this through to the end. If people want to leave afterwards or someone needs gutting, fine, but until then we need to pull through it. We’re made of stronger stuff than this, I just know it.



iellswo akhdar

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