Song of the Ages

Uncertain death


When I first arrived in Redford I was preoccupied by my financial situation. I was watching my savings melt away before my eyes. I felt like I was drowning and starving to death at the same time. To be clear, it never got so bad that I missed a meal, but my anxiety was overwhelming. My whole life was unsustainable, and I was going to die. Things got a little better when I ganged up with Fulgen and those trouble-making girls. We had some sort of income, but we were still loosing money on every venture. I’ll admit, I was panicking on the inside. Sometime around when we were imprisoned, things started to change for me. I’m a little more content to live day to day. I only compare the content of our purses to my records once or twice a day anymore. It’s good to have people to rely on.

I wonder how Colonel is getting along with Nameia.


iellswo bluewales

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