Song of the Ages

Unexpected, pt. II


I still hate kobolds.

P.S. Qelroth Delmirev (and Anya) left us. I think I gave him a charming smile and said something like, “Watch out for bandits. You won’t have someone like me watching your back for a while.”

Let’s pretend I said that. He’s also apparently a knight, so I’m thinking knights wouldn’t appreciate thieves, so I’ll stick with having a very charming smile and witty banter.

I’m pretty sure that without Qelroth and Anya, we are going to have our asses handed to us in future battles.

P.P.S. We defeated a dragon. We saved some kids. Yoon and I are currently broke because this job is more hazard and less than enough pay. Barons are apparently stingier than I thought.

Is it time to say it’s not worth it? Is it time to quit?


iellswo writergirl106

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