Song of the Ages

War. What is it good for? Absolutely Nothing

I have seen and read about wars, but this week is the first time where I have actually been in a war. No, journal I was not a member of some awesome assassin squad. I was actually a member of the messenger service, which really is a glorified messenger pigeon. Do not worry, I did not use my special abilities to zip from one place to another. I actually took my sweet time delivering my message. Actually, now that I think of it…I may have only half delivered one message before giving up. By the time I received the location where the message was to be delivered, we were ordered to stop some invasion of hideous creatures. Nice job, Fulgan for not keeping them out. It was a rough battle, we fought everything from ogres to a dragon. Yeah, you read me right…a DRAGON. There was a lot of blood, fainting, and curse words coming from me. I think some good came out of it though. We received a house? Or some resemblance of a house. Who am I kidding, it is a piece of GARBAGE.

The coming few weeks, we are attempting to meet with Vashaya. I am looking forward to it because we have a common interest now.


iellswo melanieschao

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