Song of the Ages

What's up with Yoon?


Highday, 14th of Quintemar

I get the feeling that Yoon doesn’t like me much… Not sure what I did to piss her off, but she just seems to despise me very strongly. Her friend Wyllo and I seem to get along just fine, in part I think because we are both half-elven bastard children, but Wyllo is also just genuinely a nice person.

During our night watch together I tried to ask Yoon what was up, but she said some bullshit line about how she doesn’t dislike me, and we spent the rest of our shift in awkward silence. What strange traveling companions you’ve found yourself with Gilly.

We went out to the wilds south of Union in pursuit of a nest of Kobolds that had been abducting children. We fought our way through a good number of them, Wyllo and I scouted for the group as we all explored the cave. We managed to find the missing children, and I led them back out of the cave. I’m currently back where we camped last night, trying my best to keep the children calm and together. It’s been a while, though, and the others haven’t left yet…

Please. come back safe brother.


iellswo iellswo

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