Song of the Ages

Why Nice Guys Never Win

People say that these type of adventures are life changing and have the ability to change ourselves for the better. To those people I say, "You are an A-R-S-E-H-A-T’. I’ll give you twoexamples that happened this past week and the outcomes.

Example 1: Anya and I had to do a night watch together. She asked whether or not I like her. Now, the old me would have not held anything back but the new me held my tongue.

Outcome: She is even more annoying than ever before. She actually tried to analyze me.

Example 2: I decided to wave hello to a bunch of creatures in a cave instead of running in and killing them.

Outcome: They tried to kill me.

Lesson: Nice guys don’t win.

Also, I am pretty sure that Wyllo has a crush on that dragon dude. Disgusting. Another weird half breed coming our way.


iellswo melanieschao

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