The Witch of Redford


Tiefling Warlock

11 Strength
14 Dexterity
14 Constitution
13 Intelligence
10 Wisdom
18 Charisma


Mistrust begets mistrust. This simple truth has been the driving force behind Nameia’s life for as long as she can remember. Born a Tiefling, a being with accursed blood and demonic features, she was always treated as a bad omen, or as a monster, or at the very least, some level of distrust and disgust.

She had no bad intentions, but she was eventually driven from her home town, and chose to live at the edges of society. After a former friend tried to kill her out of suspicion, in desperation she turned to hellish forces for safety and power.

Many years later, she has come to regret her pact, but she is still bound by it to this day. Especially now people continue to fear her, so she has taken to living on the island on the lake near Redford, away from society, where neither her nor society will be a bother to one another.

When the heroes were framed for the murder of Aldren Mengis some of them escaped and went to get help from Nameia. She accompanied the group to Lorentzian, and said she would help look into any leverage the group can use against Bradley when the heat dies down.

After the death of Renhart Bradley, Nameia was offered a position as adviser to the young Baron Mengis, and stayed in Redford to assist with the reconstruction and improvement of the town.,


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