Vashaya (deceased)

Drow Trickster


Arcane Trickster

8 Strength
17 Dexterity
12 Constitution
16 Intelligence
10 Wisdom
14 Charisma


Originally hailing from the Islands of Celeria, Vashaya has long called Blackhull home. Despite the supposed peace between the Elves and Drow after their exodus, the Dark Elves are usually treated as second class citizens in Celeria, and Vashaya left at a young age.

A skilled con artist and thief in her own right, Blackhull serves as a good place to call home in between the occasional job to the other kingdoms of Messen.

Vashaya is also a member of The Crow, and offered the heroes a Dark Coin in exchange for helping her to retrieve the mythical Sun Blade from it’s resting place in The Mad Wizard’s Gambit

Vashaya eventually confided in the heroes, and told them why she had sought the Sun Blade.

Vashaya wanted the sunblade to avenge her dead lover. At one point she fell in love with a sailor and wanted to leave the Crow and her former life behind. However, a powerful member of the crow known as Seethe forced her to kill her lover by binding her with her own Dark Coin.

Since then she has never given out her own imprinted coin, and has planned her revenge against Seethe.

She recently found out Seethe has become a vampire (and leader of the Underhand), and so she sought the Sun Blade so that she can have an advantage against him.

Accompanied the party to Eastport, and helped them slay the Countess. From there followed them to deal with the Viscount (who was secretly Seethe), who had made himself the new Steward of Sutherland.

Died during the fight with Seethe, leaving her daughter behind. With the help of Veth she was snuck into the the human afterlife where she was able to be reunited with her lover in the City of the Dead.

Vashaya (deceased)

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