Song of the Ages

And that was the easy part

So, we’d gotten into the manor’s cellar and rested up enough that we were ready to continue on. As soon as we came onto the main floor, we were met with one of the vampires we’d killed before… well, killed in the sense that we drove him off to his coffin, but didn’t finish him off at the time. He was flanked by a pair of nervous and apparently clueless guardsmen. We started laying into the creature, but when the guardsmen started shooting at us, I drove them off with a bellow and more than a little bit of spittle. They might have been attacking us, but honestly they were just doing their job. It’s not their fault that they don’t realize that said job involves protecting a bunch of vampires. Either way, it was good they ran off, since that freed us up to deal with the vampire.

Most vampires I’ve dealt with before were just spawn, whelps compared to what we were dealing with now. Those beasties are mean, but not too tricky or bright. This one though kept dancing around the room, slipping between us and causing more than a little worry as to whether we’d get him. However, we soon forced him to change to mist and that day I learned something- mist can burn. I know that campfires can drive back a fog, but that’s just that- driving it back. This was good and proper burning, so I’m pretty sure that vampire won’t be an issue ever again.

We then charged up to the ballroom, where we met the Countess. She acted like she’d been expecting us, which I guess isn’t a surprise since we’d been making all that racket just moments earlier. However, if I were her, I would have either fled or gotten some help, as we came after her with a vengeance. True, the fact that she was a spellcaster on top of being a vampire made her especially dangerous, but fortunately we all came out alive in the end. Expect for the Countess though, she didn’t. She misted up and fled, and we followed. Big did have to take a wall down so we could find her coffin, but we got her in the end.

Leaving was a little trickier. The guardsmen were now fully aware that we were inside the manor and confronted us, demanding our surrender. They wouldn’t even listen to how the Countess had been a vampire, so instead we fled back into the cellars and tunnels below to let them figure out the truth for themselves. We did look into that cellar full of zombies though before we left. Turns out they had broken into a tunnel leading to a local and thankfully abandoned mine, which was very bad news. However, I guess they were sloppily made, so most had fallen apart by the time we caught up with them, which was very good news. I didn’t want to spend days searching the tunnels for a stray zombie, not while the Viscount- excuse me, Steward- could start hunting us down at any time. I prefer to do the hunting, thank you very much.


iellswo akhdar

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