Song of the Ages



So it’s done.

How did that happen?

It’s been a while, but during the few weeks that I’ve kept my silence, we killed Seethe. It’s very strange, sitting here without a motive and just…waiting.

Vashaya is dead. I’m angry with her because we went into the spirit world (or whatever it’s called) to bring her soul back, but she didn’t return with us. We went to save her, because there has to be more to this life than tragedy and vengeance; but she found her vengeance and then her peace. It’s not fair. That’s not the life we’re supposed to live.

She has a daughter.

She wouldn’t come back for her daughter.

I think I’ve stomped down my memories of family (mother) enough that I forget I had one at some point. I forget that there was anything outside the Thieves Guild, that I had a parent before Scratch became one for me. I still don’t know why he did it, but it’s just who he was. Is. He saved my ass at one point during our battle. Did I tell you we had to fight a hydra? We killed it. We fought a vampire thing that knew Yoon. Killed that one even though it took two tries. We fought a countess. Killed her. (So much killing.)

It all led to getting to Seethe, and then that was it. The end. Fulgen left us. Dax left us, but he was on happier terms, I think, since Nameia wrote him a love letter asking him to come back…to be the financial advisor of that Baron we instated. But. We’re free. Well. I’ve been free for a while. Yoon is free.

I don’t really feel any differently about anything. I think I have more of a conscious. I think that our friends leaving after we’d finally made friends was a little sharp on the tongue. But there’s nothing left here except for Fort Dax. I guess we’re not the Black Foxes anymore. Band of Black Foxes? Whatever.

I might stay for a while. A Dragonborn came to our Keep, and he shares the same clan as Qelroth did, but this one didn’t think very highly of Qelroth. I wonder if they actually knew each other. I think I’ll spy on him for a while; he was held in prison at the same time we were—oh, yea. We detained for a few hours because we killed the captain of the guard…or someone that’s the equivalent of the captain of the guard. I think that’s why Fulgen left. It was either that or because Vashaya didn’t come back with us when we went to find her spirit, but I don’t think he would have taken that as personally as this guy’s death. It’s like when I killed Bradley…still not an accident, by the way…and he questioned our morality. I’m not one for morality. I fight for the things I need to survive.

Basically: we fought Seethe and two vampire thingies and the captain. We killed all of them, went to prison, they killed Vashaya, she didn’t come back with us when we went to search for her soul, and now I’m a little traumatized because it’s not fair that a mother left her kid. Her kid came to find us, after all.

Nobody likes being left behind.

I didn’t get to say goodbye to Scratch—not the way I wanted to. Do you think he knows what I wanted to say?

Maybe I should talk to Firenze. If Yoon is free, do I really have anything to fight for now? I don’t want to risk my fire going out again. (That happened in the middle of battle. Thanks, Firenze.)

This is all a mess .I’m tired. I live in a fort.


iellswo writergirl106

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