Draconic Faith

The draconic faith believes that the world is pulled between two extremes, good and evil. All action, and every being is driven by a mix of the two primal forces.

On the one hand is the force driving good, love, compassion, creation, and life. The force of good is embodied by the great Moon Dragon Aberash (NG). Those that worship and serve Aberash work to bring the purest good into the world.

On the other hand, there is evil, darkness, death, and destruction. The force of evil is embodied by the great Shadow Dragon Morana.


The world exists in a balance between the pull of Aberash and Morana. Those that worship Aberash try to serve the greater good, while those that worship Morana are generally despised and bring about destruction.


The clergy and worship of Aberash is fairly rare outside of Drathl. Some non-dragonborn have converted to the faith, especially those that seek to serve the embodiment of the greater good.

Holy Symbol


Draconic Faith

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