Short, stout, hearty and heavy drinkers, dwarves live primarily in the underground kingdom of Denkuldir, where they mine ores and precious minerals from out of the mountains.

Dwarves on average stand around 4 feet tall. They are hefty, all dwarven men have beards.

Dwarves do not have an organized religion, instead paying respect to the earth and the mountains themselves. When they die, they believe their souls return to the stone. Dwarves also worship their deceased ancestors, believing that they can act as guides. See: Dwarven Faith

Culturally many dwarves are suspicious of outsiders, but they do have friendly relations with the other nations that are nearby. Dwarves stand by king and clan.

Dwarves also have a caste system, with little opportunity to move up in society outside your caste. Most dwarves who leave Denkuldir and become merchants or adventurers are born casteless.


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