House Rules

No metagaming: Sometimes people struggle with this one (especially new players), but please do not use knowledge your character wouldn’t have to make decisions. If you use player knowledge inappropriately you will be punished by the metagame fairy (a disadvantage on your next role)

Avoid separating from the party: A friend recently introduced me to this one, and I like it. If you willingly and unnecessarily separate the party you will only get a single skill roll to determine the result. This is to speed up play as much as possible, especially in high action sequences, and splitting the party slows things down and makes things less fun for the others at the table. Exceptions exist, of course, for example if the party decides to split into groups and we can deal with one group at a time, or I may pull people aside from time to time for secret conversations.

No min-maxing: This is a personal gripe with me. As I mentioned on the Character Creation page you are making a character, not a character sheet. Your character should be strong, but should also be flawed and interesting.

Everyone is here to have fun and tell a story together. The rules of the game are simple by design, and don’t cover every scenario. Sometimes things will be winged, and if we aren’t sure on rules, my preference would be to write it down and look it up for the future if taking time to look it up would slow down the game at that time.

House Rules

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