Syr Evan

The Guardian of the Helpless.


According to legend, Syr Evan was a mortal who was raised to become an Aegis after he sacrificed himself when defending his homeland of Cana anciently. He is most commonly worshiped in the nation of Cana. He is often depicted as riding a gryphon or a pegasus into battle. During the struggle against the Fallen One he led the fight for the other Aegis. He is the Patron of Chivalry, and also of those who fight to defend the weak and helpless.

Holy Symbol:

Syr Evan riding a gryphon, bearing a lance. Alternatively, a wheel with 8 spokes, the top-most spoke going through the rim and becoming an arrow pointing upward.




The Hall of Heroes. Only those who obtained glory in battle in defense of their beliefs, their homelands, or those that could not defend themselves, may obtain rest in the Hall of Heroes.

Syr Evan

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