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The world of Messen

Messen consists of a main central continent and it's surrounding land masses. To the west of the main continent lie the Blackhull Isles, the Glistening Isles and the islands that make up the kingdom of Celeria. To the east lies the smaller continent where Drathl lies.

Kingdoms and regions of Messen

Races of Messen

Common Races

Uncommon Races


Guilds and Organizations



The Plains of Chaos
The City of the Dead
The Elemental Subplanes
The Abyss

The Five Books

- The Book of Elior
- Treatise on the Nature of Elysium
- The Book of the Vile
- The Folly of Llamryl and other Nursery Rhymes
- The Book of the Dead


Main Page

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